Policy Hub d'IMVU
IMVU's Policy Hub is the central resource for all IMVU customers to read and understand IMVU's policies and guidelines. When you register for an IMVU account, you are agreeing to and are bound by all the policies listed below.
*IMVU may make changes to its policies and terms. Affected policies will be updated and
IMVU may also send a notice to its registered users informing them of any changes.
Conditions d'utilisation
These legal terms and conditions act as a contract between you (IMVU Customer) and IMVU, Inc for your use and purchase of all products and services offered by IMVU - including disclaimer of warranties, limitation of liability, trademark infringement, selling of goods on IMVU, Music Store terms, and third party content.
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Directives de la communauté
These guidelines provide information about what is and is not okay on IMVU as you interact with others, share text and photo-based content, and utilize IMVU's products and services. This includes information about user behavior, rating for productions in IMVU's shop, and other user-generated content.
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Politique de confidentialité
This policy outlines what personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information is collected and how it is used. You will also find information about out communications to you (emails), minimum age requirements, third party advertisements, cookies, and more.
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Contrat du Creator et Politique du Creator
IMVU's Shop consists mostly of virtual goods created and sold by our Content Creators. Creators must read and agree to this Creator Agreement and Creator Policy. You will find information about terms of being an IMVU Creator, payments for goods sold, and more.
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Virtual Goods Rating Policy (VGRP)
Virtual Goods Ratings Policy applies to all content available in IMVU's shop. The policy provides details regarding the two categories of content - General Audience (GA), Access Pass (AP), or minimum converage guidelines (for avatar clothing products), copyrighted materials, and music products.
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Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA)
You will find detailed information about the process for contacting IMVU regarding copyright and trademark infringements. Only the intellectual property rights owner or the owner's authorized agent is permitted to report portentially infringing materials through IMVU's reporting system.
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