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“giving your homepage a unique style”

IMVU STYLEZ is a site dedicated to helping imvu users create a unique homepage. This group is attached to the site, you can ask questions, etc. here. Hope this helps!!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: jspunkette
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2008-01-03 06:23:53
Members: 2468

The Soapbox

IMVU Stylez prides itself in it's friendly service.

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IMVU Stylez Group/Website Owner: Jspunkette / GlobalX / LayoutOutlet

IMVU Stylez Group Officers: Seablue22, Gaf210, Ayla1974, PixieFairy, Guest_VENISHA15, LADASHA

IMVU Stylez Homepage of the Month Judges: Jspunkette, Gaf210, Seablue22, SubtlyCharmed

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IMVU Stylez
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Ask for Help With Codes here

Request New Codes

Iframe vs Div Layouts

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SimplyDeIicious: it tells how to hide things on homepage like a certain avatar on friends list... how do u see a h...

SadisticDesires: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's in the group:)

Turntable: Hey, new here, just looking for help with a small homepage project, message me if interested.

Octoberbunny8: How make homepage wider so I can add more stuff to my homepage? Or someone do it for me.

xKayxLeex: hi everyone im new to this group.

Cyrila_disabled_132942901: If anyone is still on this 11/30/15 Please help, music in background.

Guest_Candy123Man_118782470_deleted_118782470: Was wondering if anyone could help me with some coding stuff.. I am COMPLETELY lost right now..

EdgeLagerthaSeawolf: Is IMVU dying? No post's in my groups in yrs..I'm back are you?

Leilah49: Hi! everyone :)

Djshellyfox: waves Hi! Smile all hugs :))


SelinaSharday: here..smiles

JackyMadison: hi all "(:"

MATRAXII: hi all "(: P)"

MATRAXII: hi all "(: P)"

Exxhal3_disabled_134264665: Hellu world<3

Clum: where do i put the code!!!!

AngelwingsFL: DEVS-JOIN NOW []

Djshellyfox: woot! Happy to find this group, yay! :)

MrsLovesGUCCIoo: Wo0o0oT!!~

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