[IR] church 1,638 credits
by Tympany Date Added: Thursday 11 December, 2008
This is actually a very lovely church. I was lucky to have paid 330 credits for it, but would have paid more now that Ive seen it. It truly is a lovely room, a perfect church for anyone in need of such a room. I would highly recommend it. However - just a few things ... it is advertised as having 6 poses ... there are only 4 - 2 in front of the podium, standing hand in hand (bride/groom) 1 behind the podium one hand on heart the other on the good book (priest/etc) and one in front of one of the 3 kneelers - when facing the long table it is the one on the outer right hand side (this pose is standing and marking the father, son, holy ghost). Again I am thankful that I can add poses. Kneelers scream kneel on me. Besides ... I even placed my basic avatar on so that Id not miss a single pose. I went to every single standing node and didn't find the other two. Also, it would have been nice to have had poses, or even standing nodes in front of the alter/prayer candles. As wonderful as it is to offer 1200 furn nodes and 350 standing nodes its the poses that people love. I know I do, and when I am offered 6, Id like to find 6. I do hope this is fixed soon. Thanks :)

Rating: 4 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos! [4 of 5 Flaming Jalapenos!]
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[IR] church