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  • Propriétaire : FurryPride
  • Catégorie : Sujets amusants & autres
  • Taille : 13252 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 10 heures

IMVU's First Furry Community ~ since 2006! This group for both the furries and scalies of IMVU and their friends. All are welcome!

NewPost by Kinklez on 06/28/2017 08:10:42am
 Sticky: Re: Member Announcements
"EMERGENCY SALES/DISCOUNTS! I have less than 2 day..."

  • Propriétaire : Guest_Lotusray555
  • Catégorie : Jeux de rôle
  • Taille : 6 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 26 minutes

A rp about assassins Edit: I dont really think thats whatits about anymore but don't know what a summary of it could be now

NewPost by Guest_Lotusray555 on 06/28/2017 06:27:31pm
 Re: Seattle
"Eurig: "Tyr and Quinn haven't​ done an..."

  • Propriétaire : Kawtion
  • Catégorie : IMVU
  • Taille : 4 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 45 minutes

This is where you will be clocking in & out. PLEASE don't forget because that will reflect on your pay. Click on "Start New Topic" Subject: (Club you're working in) Body:(date) (Time) Clock in

NewPost by incognita on 06/28/2017 06:08:43pm
 Re: Club NYC
"6/28/17 9pm Out"

  • Propriétaire : StarLites
  • Catégorie : Mode
  • Taille : 121 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 18 heures

Welcome to a Professional Agency Beauty is only skindeep, But we want to see you open up an show us what you can bring to modeling, An make a place for you!.Everywhere iis BEAUTY

NewPost by Guest_Kiki4life13 on 06/28/2017 12:00:41am
 Re: [C] ☪ Color Wheel

  • Propriétaire : IIBougieXDA12
  • Catégorie : Régional
  • Taille : 6 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 3 heures

This is the road to becoming part of the Red Ladies. Alpha Sigma Rho - Swan Pledges. All pledges will be in this group. This is where tasks, gear and more.

NewPost by IIBougieXDA12 on 06/28/2017 03:45:25pm
 Swan Task #3
"[center][b][i][size=16px][color=#ff8a12] Welcome..."

  • Propriétaire : JakkPolaris
  • Catégorie : Jeux de rôle
  • Taille : 25 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 46 minutes

One hundred fighters, all aiming for the prize: one million credits. Do you have what it takes to become champion?

NewPost by JakkPolaris on 06/28/2017 06:07:06pm
 Sticky: Re: OOC Chat
"Sax, Tatiana, I'm still waiting on your bios."

  • Propriétaire : Gnawes
  • Catégorie : Divertissement & Art
  • Taille : 130 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 2 heures

Welcome To Witchcraft, here is where you find Artists, Buyers, and appreciators. Make a shop, Check out others shops, Just be sure to be kind and check out the rules!

NewPost by Gnawes on 06/28/2017 04:24:51pm
 Re: [SHOP] ~* C A R N I V A L *`
"Good Luck love!!"

  • Propriétaire : lxAurora
  • Catégorie : Mode
  • Taille : 11 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 48 minutes

Welcome to Powers Modeling Inc! We are a new company and we are looking for Models and Assistants. If interested Please come in! (POWERS MODELING INC RE-OPENED)

NewPost by jackyrio on 06/28/2017 06:05:11pm
 Sticky: Re: PMI™|| Rules (Must sign)
"I jackyrio have read and understand the rules"


NewPost by xoCherryDarlingox on 06/28/2017 06:02:49pm

  • Propriétaire : BriannaStoneheart
  • Catégorie : Jeux de rôle
  • Taille : 3 membres
  • Dernière activité : il y a 1 heure

This is the Stoneheart family group. please read the Rules and agree to them if you are new to the family.

NewPost by DoveStoneHeart on 06/28/2017 05:53:42pm
 Sticky: Re: Family Rules
"I have read and agree to these terms"

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