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“Peace Through Love and Understanding”

The World was changing.. Peace had become a dream among the realms on middle earth.. Creators began to fear the end of the world.. Thus the empire was created to be the last stronghold of peace

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: Nihil
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2009-08-13 08:32:45
Members: 416

The Soapbox


There is a reason why I trust my instincts, inspite of heavy criticism and mockery of it often. It has never failed to come true, over the years. it made my rp journey a cakewalk often, when others faltered around me. So was my decision to walk away empty handed from being the Emperor even when the empire looked in prime to others, I saw the best for my people and decided my role to be over in being the one leading them. My empire was one of original and fresh ideology based, but after a point, I no more had enough time to do justice to it being the most active one in all fronts that I knew of, its freshness seemed to have lost appeal to myself, dint expect any better from my loyal subjects then. Sadly seeing the plight of how, many of them are faring in imvu, and how the kingdoms under the Dove who stood for peace fell apart eventually, due to lack of initiatives, I feel, maybe.. Maybe I should revive it, to be a new world in itself, where rp be flexible with no limitations, with refuge ensured to all outlaws, when everyone would ideally earn the respect, they deserve, realising that's the respect that would stand the test of time. In peace, integrity and honor, we stood united in all the diversities, irrespective of difference in views, taking pride in what we stood for, rather than missing what we had not.. Rise again, the Dove will.. Jaded it maybe, but protected by honor and fuelled by Valor, spreading peace which might very well be the answer to all uncertainties, world fumble with, in these times, so dark and confusing

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Merry meet excurssion


EinonDragonheart: BTW, is the pic above Toxi? If it is....WOOO HOOO! LOL! >:~)

EinonDragonheart: TY Hun for the invite... :)

ToxiannaDragonheart: Attention : Bro is having computer problems, and his computer WON'T download IMVU... :((

Stephen93: Happy Mabon I'm back. Doing a ritual want to attend drop me a message in my inbox Blessed Be...

ToxiannaDragonheart: IF you wish to RP, you can join our group as well..And this does not Nullify your joining iVal...

ToxiannaDragonheart: For those who wish to show Val a proper " Homecoming"...A feast in his honor will be he...

HighEmpFearFerrai: Bless it be all.I'm sorry i have visit much all so busy :) Love you all!

LeoLuvs1: happy easter

VinegarJOE: peace to you all. and hi.

Nihil: or we will have a fresh start, when I am able to gather my thoughts and revive it..

Nihil: I have not left the empire.. I will transfer it to someone who proves worthy of holding it..

ValkerianEmprsAliane: Greetings i am looking forward to meeting you

Nihil: we welcome you with utmost delight into our humble family..

Nihil: You are the much needed energy, we were seeking to be alive again, Kay...

AkeelahKay: Thank you for the invite, as you can see I have accepted it.. Let us play now... >=D

Nihil: our delight know no bounds in having you amongst us, Eli.. hope you enjoy it to the fullest

ElicitToxin: Thank you for the generous invitation

PrincessArathona: olath tidings bel'la dos whol l'aliss bows gently returning wund l'oloth

GhtRayleigh: Thank you for the invite. I will do my best to honor the family.

Nihil: We warmly welcome each of the new members with utmost delight and honor to our humble family

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