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“The Official Avatar Awards Club”

This group is for contestants, judges and supporters of the Avatar Awards contests. Come show off your outfits, make new friends, discuss contest themes and winning techniques!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: AvatarAwards
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2009-02-27 10:53:25
Members: 2260

The Soapbox

Current Contest: Earth Tones

Avatar Awards is a weekly contest organized, funded, managed and judged
by a collective of Content Creators here on IMVU.
We award prize ribbons and 100,000 credits every week.

1. Read the contest rules.
2. Display the AA banner on your homepage.
3. Create and save your outfit.
4. Submit your outfit.
Detailed instructions, banner code, rules, and submission tool are on the AvatarAwards homepage.

None this week.


1. This club is for Avatar Awards contestants and judges. This is a place for fun and friendly discussion of the Avatar Awards contests, and to see what the current contest situation is.

2. Please do not spam the Discussion Board. If you'd like to advertise something here, or work with Avatar Awards on some sort of co-marketing idea, please contact Avatar Awards by private message. We'd like to hear from you.

3. There is always a civil way to discuss issues and differing opinions. Please do not participate in flame wars in the threads. Respectful critique and debate is welcome, but uncivilized and offensive arguments are not welcome. Asking why your outfit was not chosen for a finalist or winner is unnecessary. Rude or offensive posts are unnecessary. The Avatar Awards contests are for fun, so please keep that in mind.

4. If a club member offends you, please contact Avatar Awards or an Officer. All reports will be kept in the strictest confidence. DO NOT send PMs to every officer and Judge... nobody likes spam.

5. If you wish to start a new thread, please first get permission from AvatarAwards/EvilCredits.

Group Officers

AnnaSassin, AvatarAwards, EvilCredits, EXOTICARAIN, GothicGarden, HellinTaeko, Sindells
We appreciate your support!

Earth_Tones_2 winners:
FIRST: Ismeny, SECOND: Saffraina, THIRD: xQueenKittyx
Copyright 2016 by Avatar Awards.

Active Members

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